MAX, 8 months

Max was brought in with his Mum, Laika as a teeny-tiny wee thing.  As soon as he was old enough to climb out of her bed, he was at the front of the playpen begging for attention.  You couldn't go into the puppy cabin without stopping off to scoop Max up for a cuddle.

He's a total mummy's boy who brought Laika out of her shell, She was an exhausted recluse when she first arrived with her baby, but Max's eagerness for affection wore off on her.

Max is in foster in Doha now with a family of four, including two kids under 10.  He loves them all but is a bit timid outside because he had never been out of the shelter before in his short life — easily fixable with the love and stability of a new home!

With the appetite of a fat lab, chubby Max is 50lbs.  In all honesty, with portion control and exercise, he'll probably be a healthy 44-ish!