TRUDY, 18 months old

Trudy showed up at the shelter one night. we are unsure of her previous history.  She is SMART, aloof and once she decides you're worthy, will give you all her love.  Once you’re her person, her favourite place to be is on your knee!

Trudy has almost worked out how to open her kennel door, she knows how door handles work too.  For this reason she needs a husky-savvy home … she's most probably an escape artist like the best huskies are….

This pup is not a ‘dog person,’ she truly wants to be walked alone at the shelter and we do not think this will change in the long term.  With a home and consistency we suspect Trudy will be fine around other dogs in open, social areas, but we would not place her in a home with another dog. 

If you would like to find out more information about Trudy, please read the ADOPT section of our website, and fill out the form.